With 500% Growth in 2015, Anetwork Is About to Eliminate Its Rivals

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Anetwork, the largest digital advertising network in Iran, had 500% growth in 2015 and since starting, it connected thirty-thousand publishers to three-thousand advertisers - a huge number in this industry.

When it comes to impressions, we see that Anetwork impresses about 250 million every day and this figure is increasing day by day.

Farbod Sadeghian, co-founder of Anetwork, talks about his company and says: “We have been the leaders with the belief of that the future of media is digital and future of digital will be fully automated.” 

In fact, Anetwork is the first self-service Advertising dashboard in Iran. Its founders believe that going towards digital media and advertising channels is inevitable for companies which want to progress and be seen within a market like Iran market.

Shayan, founder and managing director of Anetwork, also says: “We have a mission to become the first full automated marketing dashboard in the region.

The company aims to extend its services beyond Iran borders and is going to be the best ad network in the region as well. Ad networks have recently become known in developing countries like Iran and they play an important role in the field of marketing and advertising. Among these networks, Anetwork is the leading ad network in Iran.

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Anetwork launched in 2010 as a CPC Ad-Network, and in a short span of time grew to be the largest Digital Advertising Network in Iran.

Shayan Shalileh
Founder and Managing Director, Anetwork (Khavarzamin)