4Stop Providing Dynamic, Real-Time Merchant Underwriting Worldwide Through Their Partnership With Web Shield

4Stop Partnership With Web Shield For Global Merchant Underwriting

4Stop (“FourStop GmbH”), a leading global provider for KYC, compliance and fraud prevention, announces today their partnership with Web Shield and the launch of their global merchant underwriting solution. Now, through the 4Stop platform, businesses can perform complex, thorough investigations on their merchants to mitigate any risks hidden within business relationships and to obtain a confident, compliant and secure merchant onboarding process. 

Through this partnership, Web Shield provides 4Stop with their InvestiGate product that encompasses a whole host of highly precise digital investigative modules, including sophisticated mirroring techniques within its web crawling engine. InvestiGate provides comprehensive risk analysis and recommendations with results delivered in near real time. 

With 4Stop, we found an ideal partner to make our core product available to a wider audience. 4Stop shares our passion for innovation and we are delighted to support them in their endeavour to make risk more transparent for their clients.

Christian Chmiel, Web Shield CEO and Founder

In addition to Web Shield's business investigation services, 4Stop provides businesses with further risk analysis techniques including utilising their KYC suite to perform enhanced due diligence on businesses directors in real time and enrich their data experience. Paired with the ability to easily activate additional risk rules through 4Stop’s real-time risk engine, businesses can expand their investigation processes and ensure they facilitate merchant underwriting and onboarding to their specific risk threshold authorization allowance. Followed by on-going underwriting services and real-time merchant monitoring, businesses obtain everything they require to ensure their risk, compliance and fraud prevention processes in relation to their merchant relationships are managed.

“With 4Stop, we found an ideal partner to make our core product available to a wider audience,” said Web Shield CEO and founder Christian Chmiel. “4Stop shares our passion for innovation and we are delighted to support them in their endeavour to make risk more transparent for their clients.” 

4Stop’s merchant underwriting solution is now live and operational. “We are thrilled to have partnered with Web Shield, who are truly the leaders in servicing digital investigations for underwriting and onboarding merchants. Together, we look forward to facilitating our combined services and helping businesses globally to effortlessly manage their risk models and onboard their merchants with confidence and trust,” states 4Stop CEO and co-founder Ingo Ernst. 

Businesses can implement 4Stop’s KYC, compliance, anti-fraud and merchant underwriting all via a single API integration and effortlessly manage their risk through one platform - one centralised global view of risk and obtain leading-edge risk mitigation to confidently protect their business from fraud and ensure they stay compliant. For more information, visit www.4stop.com or contact marketing@4stop.com.

About Web Shield
Web Shield equips the payments industry with tools that protect businesses from merchants involved in illegal or non-compliant activities. 

Their highly precise digital investigation tools InvestiGate and Monitor provide acquirers, payment service providers and other financial organisations with the information they need to make sound decisions about prospective clients and alert them when existing clients behave dubiously. 

With Web Shield, users keep their business out of risky situations – and save time and money in the process.

For more information, contact marketing@4stop.com or https://4stop.com.

Source: FourStop GmbH

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