4Stop Partners With Hexopay for an Innovative Link Between Identity and Payment Services

4Stop Partners With HexoPay

4Stop ("FourStop GmbH"), a global risk management provider, announces its exciting partnership with Hexopay, bringing together a shared ethos of single API platforms. Both companies enable merchants to integrate once and access everything they need for truly global coverage, optimisation of customer onboarding and authorisation, whilst mitigating fraud risk. This partnership firmly bridges the link between identity and payments, delivering the true value of a unified customer view through the entire customer journey.

Whilst identity and payments have traditionally sat as two separate parts of the customer journey, they are inextricably linked. As our online eco-system continues to evolve, regulatory requirements expand and growing cyber-vulnerability places enhanced pressure on merchants to ensure appropriate fraud defence is in place to mitigate risk at the point of entry.

These two disruptive brands, Hexopay and 4Stop, are harnessing each other's industry expertise to establish a suite of KYB, KYC, fraud prevention, payment services and transactional monitoring, all available from a single API. 4Stop's global KYC orchestration hub is home to thousands of global data points with real-time cascading verification logic and multi-faceted anti-fraud and transactional monitoring technology. Hexopay provides leading data-driven payments and risk management platform that enables merchants to accept payments worldwide through hundreds of payment solutions and intelligently route transactions through the entire payment process.

"We're greatly excited for this partnership and the harmony both of our businesses bring together to round out the customer journey completely and empower merchants on a global scale with all the tools, data, and payment services they require. Allowing them to obtain a modern and simplistic risk-based approach and to facilitate onboarding and transactions worldwide with trust and confidence," states Ingo Ernst, CEO, 4Stop.

The synergy allows merchants to create more streamlined and optimised processes, whilst getting a more unified view of the customers they onboard and their customer journey with associated risk vulnerability. Having access to a suite of KYC data services paired with payment services businesses can easily look beyond just implementing KYC for compliance mandates and to utilise KYC to enhance their customer engagement. Enabling merchants to dynamically offer additional services or rewards in real-time, whilst protecting their business, optimising profit and maximising their customer lifetime value. 

"Hexopay has chosen 4Stop as our preferred solution to assist with our merchant onboarding solution. Their unrivalled KYB hub will strengthen our customer underwriting processes and ensure a seamless enhanced experience for customers, whilst benefitting our team with increased automation and robust risk management. In addition, 4Stop also provides us with a comprehensive aggregation of best-in-class anti-fraud, AML, document verification and identity management services. Through a single API, Hexopay can consume all of the 4Stop services with minimal development work and a yet to be beaten time to market," states Bryan Blake, CEO, Hexopay.

For more information, contact marketing@4stop.com or visit https://4stop.com/ or Hexopay at https://www.hexopay.com/.

Source: FourStop GmbH

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