2ndQuadrant's World Renowned Customer Service Achieves Best-in-Class Net Promoter Score

Consistent high-quality service returns high customer satisfaction and retention rate

2ndQuadrant, The Gold Standard in PostgreSQL Products & Services, has achieved a new Net Promoter Score® (NPS) of 78.9 based on their most recent customer satisfaction survey. Over the past two years, 2ndQuadrant has maintained an NPS score of over 75, placing them above companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and Apple.

2ndQuadrant has always valued customer feedback, particularly as it pertains to areas of improvement, as a key factor in providing high-quality services. Over time, the analysis and application of recommendations from customers has allowed the company to build a strong reputation in the industry for superior customer service.

Customer Service is not a department at 2ndQuadrant, it's an ethos the whole company follows. If you're in trouble, my team and I will be there to fix it for you as our first priority.

Simon Riggs, CEO, 2ndQuadrant

"Everything from the initial contact with 2ndQuadrant sales to the onboarding process has been really good," said Naeem Bari of Agilis Systems. "The communication between 2ndQuadrant and ourselves is fantastic and the team provides a highly effective, first class service."

It's not only the technical expertise and unmatched 24/7 service guarantee of the 2ndQuadrant team that distinguishes them from the rest but the personalized experience each customer receives when working with anyone on the team. As a global company with a local presence in over 22 countries, it is the mission of 2ndQuadrant to not only provide exceptional service but a peace of mind through relationships with their customers.

Otávio Sampaio of Fidelize speaks to the quality of the service stating, "The support is always committed to the best answer. Not the first answer."

About NPS

Created by Satmetrix and Bain & Company, the Net Promoter Score is a widely recognized benchmark of customer satisfaction and quality. 2ndQuadrant’s use of NPS follows the strict methodology for data collection as described by the originators of the NPS concept. Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

About 2ndQuadrant

2ndQuadrant was founded in 2001 by Simon Riggs, a major developer and committer of the PostgreSQL project. As the largest single collective organization of PostgreSQL experts of any company globally, it is 2ndQuadrant's mission to provide The Gold Standard of products and services to support PostgreSQL and its continuous growth. Comprised of some of the best-known developers from around the globe, all members actively contribute to the development of PostgreSQL.

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