2ndQuadrant Contributes Major Features to PostgreSQL 13

Enhancements to performance, database security, and more in the newest release of the world's most advanced database

2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL

​​​​​​​The PostgreSQL Global Development Group today announced the release of PostgreSQL 13. The new release boasts improvements in performance and security as well as notable features such as the SQL-standard WITH TIES clause to use with LIMIT, B-tree deduplication, improvements for large databases and more. The 2ndQuadrant team has proudly contributed to the PostgreSQL project consistently for the last 13 releases, and this release was no different.

“This release shows how robust and vibrant the PostgreSQL ecosystem is, even in difficult times. Users and developers can look forward to a large number of enhancements across all areas, but especially large database performance and administration,” states Peter Eisentraut, CTO at 2ndQuadrant.

Some of the major contributions by 2ndQuadrant are listed below:

  • Allow BEFORE row-level triggers on partitioned tables - Álvaro Herrera
  • Allow use of multiple extended statistics objects in a single query - Tomas Vondra
  • Allow setting statistics target for extended statistics - Tomas Vondra
  • Add SQL functions NORMALIZE() to normalize Unicode strings, and IS NORMALIZED to check for normalization - Peter Eisentraut
  • Add alternate version of jsonb_setI() with special NULL handling - Andrew Dunstan
  • Add function gen_random_uuid() to generate version 4 UUIDs - Peter Eisentraut
  • Add columns to the pg_stat_replication system view to report how much logical decoding information has been spilled to disk - Tomas Vondra
  • Create pg_stat_slru system view to monitor internal SLRU caches - Tomas Vondra
  • Add wait events RecoveryConflictSnapshot and RecoveryConflictTablespace to monitor recovery conflicts - Masahiko Sawada
  • Allow vacuum commands run by vacuumdb to operate in parallel mode - Masahiko Sawada

2ndQuadrant also worked actively with fellow members of the PostgreSQL community to contribute the following features below and more:

  • Implement incremental sorting - James Coleman / Alexander Korotkov / Tomas Vondra
  • Add system view pg_stat_progress_analyze to report ANALYZE progress - Álvaro Herrera / Tatsuro Yamada / Vinayak Pokale
  • Allow partitionwise joins to happen in more cases - Ashutosh Bapat / Etsuro Fujita, Amit Langote / Tom Lane
  • Allow use of extended statistics objects for OR clauses and IN/ANY constant lists - Pierre Ducroquet / Tomas Vondra
  • Improve cases where pruning of partitions can happen - Yuzuko Hosoya / Amit Langote / Álvaro Herrera
  • Add a glossary to the documentation - Corey Huinker / Jürgen Purtz / Roger Harkavy / Álvaro Herrera

2ndQuadrant provides solutions for mission critical databases to fully support the PostgreSQL Ecosystem. Along with the many contributions, 2ndQuadrant has also released version 13 of Postgres Installer, a standalone, user-friendly installation for PostgreSQL, based on a GUI for a number of popular platforms including Windows, macOS and Linux.

“The PostgreSQL development team at 2ndQuadrant is happy to again have contributed a significant portion of the features and improvements in this new major PostgreSQL release,” says Eisentraut. 2ndQuadrant plans to continue playing an active role in the community and bringing new features and capabilities in the years to come.​

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Source: 2ndQuadrant