2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Conference to Feature PostgreSQL Core Team Members as Keynote Speakers

World-renowned experts speak on newest features, database security and more at dual-city community conference

2ndQuadrant announces that PostgreSQL Core Team members Magnus Hagander and Bruce Momjian will keynote at the 2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Conference, being held in New York City on Nov. 7 and Chicago on Nov. 9. 2Q PGConf is a conference fully dedicated to exchanging knowledge about the world’s most advanced open source database: PostgreSQL.

Hagander (New York City) and Momjian (Chicago) will be joined by Simon Riggs, CEO of 2ndQuadrant, to address the attendees of the conference and highlight the most desirable features in the most recent version, PostgreSQL 10, as well as Foreign Data Wrappers, Data Sharding, and Physical/Logical Replication technologies now and in the future.

The schedules for both locations highlight hot topics in today’s technology sector including IT security, data warehousing, System and Data Integration, Cloud Computing, and Virtualization. With speakers from companies including 2ndQuadrant, Google, Oracle, EnterpriseDB, CERN, and more, 2Q PGConf offers cutting-edge insight on the latest database technologies for businesses of all sizes. The full schedule and details of the talks being presented are available on the 2Q PGConf website: www.2qpgconf.com/#schedule

For those that are interested in getting hands-on training from the PostgreSQL experts in town for the conference, 2Q PGConf is holding a training day on Nov. 6, the day prior to the conference in New York City. These courses allow participants to go in-depth in the following areas: PostgreSQL Database Security, Postgres-BDR, and Postgres-XL. These courses are being offered at an exclusive rate in conjunction with the conference, with limited space available. More information on the training courses can be found in the training tab of the 2Q PGConf schedule here: www.2qpgconf.com/#schedule    

Registration is still open for the event and tickets can be purchased directly on the conference website (www.2qpgconf.com/#register) for general admission to either location as well as the training courses.

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