2ndQuadrant CEO Simon Riggs to Speak at PGDay.IT

PostgreSQL experts from 2ndQuadrant to present at 11th annual community conference

2ndQuadrant today announced CEO Simon Riggs will be speaking at PGDay.IT 2017 in Milan, Italy on 13 October 2017, along with several other 2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL experts. Enthusiasts and professionals alike will come together to discuss and learn about PostgreSQL while they celebrate the 11th edition of PGDay.IT and the recent release of PostgreSQL 10.

This two-track, dual-language event has something for everyone. Riggs will dive into Replication in PostgreSQL 9.6, 10, and Beyond (EN) - highlighting Logical Replication, a major feature that 2ndQuadrant is proud to have contributed to the latest PostgreSQL release after years of dedication and hard work.

With the rapid growth in enterprise usage of PostgreSQL, the need for business continuity and database security also increases. Gabriele Bartolini's talk From 0 to 100: Business Continuity with PostgreSQL (EN) will present business continuity through disaster recovery and high availability with PostgreSQL, while Giulio Calacoci, Francesco Canovai, and Leonardo Cecchi highlight the importance of backup strategy and disaster recovery in their talk Disaster Recovery: a series of unfortunate events (IT). In his presentation, Hardening PostgreSQL: demystifying database security (EN), Alessandro Grassi will cover operating system and application security with PostgreSQL.

As thought leaders in the development of PostgreSQL, several 2ndQuadrant professionals will present talks that have a more technical focus. Gianni Ciolli will cover Parallel Queries with PostgreSQL (EN) while Leonardo Cecchi will explain Extending PostgreSQL with GO (IT). Jonathan Battiato will discuss the importance of benchmarking before going into production in his talk PostgreSQL & Benchmarks (IT) and Rubens Souza will demonstrate how PostgreSQL and the Raspberry Pi (EN) can work together to educate the masses in the world of Computer Science.

There are sure to be several more short presentations from the 2ndQuadrant team during the Lightning Talk event that is scheduled to close out the conference. To learn more about PGDay.IT 2017 or purchase tickets, visit http://2017.pgday.it.

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2ndQuadrant is the Gold Standard for PostgreSQL Products & Services and consistently contributes enterprise features to enhance performance, scalability, security, and stability in PostgreSQL. Spanning 22 countries and five continents, 2ndQuadrant is the largest single collective organization of PostgreSQL experts. They have adopted the open source business model and are Platinum sponsors for the PostgreSQL project. Their focus on service quality is reflected in the consistent best-in-class NPS of over 75 for more than 2 years.

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