2ndQuadrant CEO Simon Riggs to Give Keynote at PGConf.EU 2017

PostgreSQL experts from 2ndQuadrant speak at largest European community conference

2ndQuadrant today announced that CEO Simon Riggs will give the keynote at PGConf.EU 2017, being held October 24-27 in Warsaw, Poland. PostgreSQL enthusiasts from around Europe will come together for the largest European community event of the year.

In his keynote talk Postgres-XL 10, Riggs will discuss how the Postgres-XL project, sponsored and developed largely by 2ndQuadrant, is fully caught up with the latest version of its parent project, PostgreSQL 10. He will explain varying use cases of Postgres-XL, presenting benchmarks to illustrate superior performance over other parallel processing features in open source PostgreSQL.

Riggs will also be joined by other members of 2ndQuadrant, covering a wide range of topics. As the author of Logical Replication, the most exciting new feature in PostgreSQL 10, Petr Jelinek will introduce the new feature, demonstrate its use, and discuss the current state in PostgreSQL. Logical Replication is a long-awaited addition to PostgreSQL that has been added after years of hard work. Join Jelinek to learn more about its integration into core PostgreSQL and what its future looks like in his talk Logical Replication in PostgreSQL 10.

Expanding on the talk given by Jelinek, Gulcin Yildirim will cover the different ways of upgrading PostgreSQL and propose an automated tool to overcome downtime requirements in her talk Near-zero Downtime Automated Upgrades of PostgreSQL Clusters in Cloud. Vik Fearing will be answering common questions about the different kinds of buffers used for caching in PostgreSQL and explains how to configure them in his talk PostgreSQL Basics: Buffers.

To view the full schedule for PGConf.EU 2017, please visit the website at https://www.postgresql.eu/events/schedule/pgconfeu2017.

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