20/20 Events Spotlights Team Members and Expansion

The management of 20/20 Events announced that the company will be expanding into two new markets. Team member Brett B. will manage the Seattle branch and Victory S. will manage the Minnesota branch.

“We’ve had a phenomenal year,” cited Myke B, 20/20 Events’ president. “Our expansion speaks to the exceptional efforts of our team. What’s even better is that we can give two amazing individuals opportunities to advance into managerial roles and lead their own teams.”

Myke stated that Victory S. has been tapped to lead 20/20 Events’ Minnesota operations. Victory is recognized for his ability to forge strong relationships with the company’s Fortune 500 customers and build inroads to new customer markets.

"We've had a phenomenal year,"

Myke , President

Meanwhile, Brett B. has been appointed to lead the new Seattle market. Myke credited Brett’s training talent as one of the primary reasons he’s been selected for this role. Brett will be tasked with helping his new team grow into campaign leaders. His long-term goals are to become a national consultant and help brands gain new consumer bases.

Brett imparted that he is looking forward to leading eight to 10 successful campaigns. He credits the inspiration he’s received from other 20/20 Events managers for helping him grow into this role. “I look to Puneh for inspiration in this business. The professionalism and confidence she shows is second to none,” he said. “I also admire Myke for his ability to maintain a structured environment and promote fast growth.”

He also lives by the motto that you should always fail forward.

20/20 Events Managers Discuss Key Leadership Traits

As an emerging leader, Brett suggested that maintaining humility and trust is essential to be effective. “It’s important to be humble and always willing to learn,” he advised. “The best strategy is to trust in the system. It takes all the pressure off and makes for an easier ride.”

Brett’s managerial style focused on helping those who work for him. “I always try to maintain a great attitude and to uplift others,” he said. “I believe in learning each and every day and going above and beyond for my business and my team.”

Myke indicated that both Brett and Victory diligently uphold the values that 20/20 Events expects from their leaders. “These men are not only willing to grow with the company, but they are dedicated to helping others advance in their careers as well,” he said. “This is how we are able to expand our operations. We know to whom we can entrust our company’s growth. This strategy shall sustain our business far into the future.”

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