20/20 Events Sets Sights on End-of-Year Goals

The president of 20/20 Events announced that the team is shifting perspective to new goals for the end of the year. He also highlighted the benefits of maintaining such expectations for progress.

“Maintaining stability is nice, but it’s not nearly enough to make it in today’s fast-paced world of business,” said Myke B., the president of 20/20 Events. “That’s why we’re constantly innovating to keep up with evolving trends. Doing so requires us to set goals on a regular basis, and we’re now focusing on our end-of-year objectives for 2015. We’re covering everything from team growth and promotion to customer satisfaction.”

Myke explained that goals serve various functions. They help keep people focused, for instance, and ease planning. They even facilitate motivation and expedite results. “All we do here at 20/20 Events is related to our goals,” he stated. “Without them to guide our forward progress, we would never keep up with a business landscape that is constantly changing.”

"Finally, I think it's worth noting that goal setting leads to quick results,"

Myke , President

20/20 Events President Shares the Specific Benefits of Goal Setting

The firm’s president was eager to elaborate on the extensive benefits of setting goals. For instance, he pointed out how objectives allow for easier decision making on a daily basis. “Whenever we’re faced with a dilemma or tough choice to make, we consider our goals,” continued Myke. “My colleagues and I at 20/20 Events assess which options will help us mover closer to our anticipated outcomes. Doing so helps us determine the best routes to take.”

According to Myke, goal setting also helps leaders motivate their people. When team members understand how the work they do affects the ability of the whole organization to reach anticipated outcomes, they recognize the value they contribute. This is energizing in itself. Motivation builds further when their work is incentivized. At 20/20 Events, for instance, the experts become eligible to attend conferences and other events when they reach certain milestones.

“Finally, I think it’s worth noting that goal setting leads to quick results,” Myke continued. “If you have a goal, you should have a plan to reach that goal. A plan prevents you from jumping from project to project without ever making real progress. As such, it’s less likely that you will waste time on pointless activities. With goals – and strategies for achieving them – you establish a direct path to success. There will always be obstacles along the way, but they too can be overcome with the right focus. We’ve achieved countless victories this way, and I’m sure there are more to come.”

About 20/20 Events

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