20/20 Events Primed for Expansion and Growth

20/20 Events' president explained that the firm is well-positioned for growth into new markets. He highlighted two team members who are being promoted to help facilitate the expansion.

“My colleagues and I are thrilled to announce our movement into the Seattle and Arkansas markets,” said Myke B., the president of 20/20 Events. “This growth comes in response to the ever-increasing demand for our interactive outreach services. For instance, in the last month we fully opened more retail expansion with four brands.”

Myke explained that the 20/20 Events team has several campaigns poised for deployment once the offices are fully established. In addition for their preparations for the holiday season, it’s an incredibly busy yet exciting time for the associates. “Fortunately, we have a number of hard-working, passionate, and enthusiastic people in our group,” he stated. “I have no doubt in their abilities to drive our company and all the brands we promote to higher levels of success.”

"I am also excited to announce that, during the trip, I was awarded Owner of the Year for my industry,"

Myke B., Company President

20/20 Events President Discusses Team Member Promotions

 “All the leaders – including myself – at 20/20 Events are committed to maintaining a growth-focused culture in which all our talented team members can thrive,” Myke continued. “We take a progressive approach to advancement, which means our people achieve upward mobility as soon as they demonstrate the skills and knowledge to do so. There are no limits.”

According to Myke, team members Jace and Meghan are next to be promoted. They have proven themselves in their current roles, and are eager to assume new responsibilities as assistant managers. “Jace and Meghan are both outstanding individuals,” he indicated. “They know how to motivate and inspire their peers, they’re excellent communicators, and they’re highly focused as well as innovative. These traits are ideally suited to management.”

The company president pointed out that the role of assistant manager is designed as a short-term opportunity. Jace and Meghan will follow tight schedules as they train for management. In the coming months, they will learn about every phase of the hiring process. This includes recruiting, interviewing, setting up payroll, conducting background checks, and retention.

Jace and Meghan will also learn about all the other functions of management and every aspect of the business,” Myke concluded. “This covers networking, motivational speaking, all areas of customer service, the organization of sales and marketing trainings, the coaching and development of team members, and an abundance of administrative and human-resources-related tasks. It’s a lot to consider, but they definitely have what it takes to become outstanding leaders.”

“I am also excited to announce that, during the trip, I was awarded Owner of the Year for my industry,” said Myke. “I can’t wait to bring this award back to my team and continue to help drive my team to success. We should all strive to be the best we possibly can be and this award proves that hard work and dedication can happen.”

About 20/20 Events

 20/20 Events is a contemporary marketing and consulting firm based in Wood Cross, UT. They specialize in creating exclusive interactive promotions that bring consumers and brands together, fuelling brand awareness and profitability. 20/20 Events’ brand ambassadors use innovative demographic research and market trend analysis to develop their unique outreach initiatives. Their expertise and efficiency create results that are both long-lasting and immediate. 20/20 Events has successfully served a diverse group of clients, giving them the creativity and flexibility to serve the needs of virtually any industry. For more information on their unique promotional services, please visit 2020eventsinc.com.