10 Make-Up Kits Every Beginner Should Own From Newfrog.com

most suitable 10 makeup kits that every beginner should own- starting with general care and finishing with the actual makeup products and tools.

​As a beginner, people might find it hard to compose makeup collection. Yet, follow this articles,girs will  find out which are the most suitable 10 cheap makeup kits that every beginner should own- starting with general care and finishing with the actual makeup products and tools.

Here, at newfrog.com gilrs can find the full list of essentials any beginner might need.

1.     Invest in facial care

Before starting to buy any kind of makeup, girls should seriously consider investing in good facial care products. Not only isn’t it advisable, but nor is it healthy to apply makeup on bad skin. Therefore, it is essential that  girls take good care of their skin- especially of  girl's face skin, which is more sensitive than other parts of their body and bad care can easily cause breakage. Unfortunately, breakage can translate to acne, redness, black heads and other noisy problems that we’ll all like to avoid.

These being said, the first kit every beginner should own is a facial supplies kit. While women  can’t actually find a one-kit-fit-it-all, due to newfrog different skin types and product preferences, women can certainly compose their own facial care kit. First of all, pick a cosmetic bag, that women can find on newfrog.com for as less as $4.48. Then, think of the essentials: sure,  favorite face gel cleaner, tonner and moisturizer. But the kit should also contain a soft facial cleaner, that can be either manual (for $5.14) or electrical (for $6.35), silicon sheet mask covers ($4.25), puff cleaning sponge ($3.24) and, if people need it, a portable wrinkle remover pen ($5.28).

2.     Purchase containers

Another great investment for a beginner is buying cosmetic containers. These will help women organize their makeup collection. women can purchase displays made out of plastic for lipsticks ($13.36), double canisters for brushes, mascaras, eye pencils, for $10.23, cosmetic purses in which women can store their pencils, eye liners or small brushes and so on.

3.     The lipstick kit

Lipstick is that one part of makeup that brings color to women look and that is always fun to experiment with. While purchasing all kinds of different lipsticks can be quite pricy, a good alternative to this is purchasing a lipstick palette, with well, how many shades they want. girls can find their favorite colors all piled up in the same place, available for their whenever they need them. If they do choose a lipstick palette, their life is significantly simplified, as they don’t have to figure out how to organize their lipstick collection anymore.

On newfrog.com women can find a 66 colors lipstick palette for just $10 and it comes with a lipstick brush included!

Of course, if women prefer something fancier, they can buy individual lipsticks for $3.15 that they can then pair with the lipstick displayer.

4.     The eye shadow palette

This is one of the essential kits that is indispensable for a new makeup lover. The eye makeup is the most important when creating makeup, either for day or for night. Purchasing a good eye shadow palette can be a real life savior and girls can find some of the greatest on newfrog.com, for $8.43.

Having a varied color palette is better than having a kit of only one or two eye shadows, as it gives people the freedom to create more complicated designs when realizing their makeup and it can also help women spare some money.

5.     Bronzer and blush kit

Whether that women want to experiment with contouring or they simply enjoy a summery, glowy, fresh look, the bronzer and the blush kit is a must-have. Again, purchasing a palette can simplify their life, as they will have both their bronzer and blush in the same place, as well as having shades to choose from. they can find such kits on newfrog.com for $9.64.

Also, if people enjoy doing thing themself, they can create their own bronzer and blush kit, by purchasing separate products and then organizing them inside a cosmetic bag or a makeup displayer.

6.     Concealer kit

Talking about face base, concealers are essentials in order to cover dark circles, spots, pimples and impurities in general. A concealer kit comes under the shape of a palette. This can be, again, more practical than stick or liquid concealers, as the palette will contain several types and shades of concealer- including the very useful green one- so that women actually have a choice in what fits their best for the day. they will find kits for $9.46 on newfrog.com.

7.     Foundation appliers kit

Especially if women are using liquid foundation, a foundation appliers kit could be really useful. Using a foundation brush can be good, but the best thing on market nowadays are the teardrop sponges- these will help them apply their foundation uniformly, without leaving unpleasant lines or spots on their face. they can order foundation sponges for $2.53.

8.   Cheap  Makeup brushes kit

Yet another essential, is the makeup brushes kit- once people have purchased all their makeup, they definitely need brushes to apply it to their face. Newfrog.com has an entire gamma of makeup brushes for as little as $10, and if people look thoroughly they can find kits including blush, eyeshadow or bronzer.

9.     The mirrors

people might find useful to purchase a swivel cosmetic mirror, that they can find on newfrog for $22.

10.The makeup removal kit

Finally, women will essentially need a makeup remover kit- when they are using all these makeup products, removing the makeup and rehydrating  their skin is absolutely requested. 

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