HubShout Advocates Use of Automated Customer Outreach Capabilities for SEO Resellers and Provides Extensive Training on Implementing Customer Communications Program

HubShout emphasizes the importance of regular communication between SEO reseller and client. HubShout's customer communications features provide resellers with the capability to set up automated reports, emails and alerts.

HubShout, LLC, a national search engine marketing firm, provides their SEO reseller clients with a broad range of tools that automate reports, alerts and email communications to supplement the personal interactions between SEO resellers and their clients. Following the set-up of their branding preferences, resellers simply set the communications to be delivered to their customers on a schedule of their choosing. HubShout is always cognizant of private label SEO reseller's preference to maintain an exclusive relationship with their clients and with that in mind, all materials are created for white label SEO.

On February 24, HubShout invited all members of their SEO reseller program to a webinar demonstration of the various communications features. On the agenda: instruct SEO resellers on the use of the tools and reinforce the importance of keeping in regular contact with their clients. The webinar was posted to the HubShout website so that resellers can review the information at their convenience. As part of their comprehensive SEO reseller program, HubShout staff is available for questions and additional one-on-one training on the communications features.

Web designers, marketing firms and other businesses that are interested in outsourcing SEO are also able to view the webinar on the HubShout website.

Each month, HubShout composes a newsletter for members of their SEO reseller program. Each SEO reseller has the opportunity to review the newsletter before it is forwarded to the reseller's client. The newsletter is designed for private label SEO and as such, the newsletter is branded with the name of the reseller's firm. SEO resellers always have the option to remove their clients from the automated newsletter. Those that choose to opt out of the automated newsletter are encouraged to compose their own newsletter using HubShout's content, their own unique content, or a combination of the two. HubShout also encourages their private label SEO resellers to send newsletters and other communications to their prospects using the automated communications tools.

HubShout emphasizes the importance of regular outreach to customers; from experience with their own direct clients, there is clear evidence that regular customer contact has the potential to increase business as well as customer retention. HubShout President, Dr. Adam Stetzer, explains, "The psychology behind newsletters and email alerts is simple: Repetition, repetition, repetition! Consumer behavior scientists demonstrated years ago that repetition, tied with usefulness, is a winning combination for brand recognition and repeat business. People are busy and your service can easily be lost among long 'to-do' lists. Just seeing email from you in a customers' inbox triggers a memory and reminds them of your service. Our SEO resellers use this science to their advantage by crafting high-quality, insightful communications in their HubShout private label reseller portal. The system takes it from there."

While newsletters serve to remind customers of a reseller's valuable service and knowledge of the industry, HubShout's automated reporting tool provides a monthly report of the performance of a client's website and online marketing campaigns. The monthly reports that appear complex and time-consuming to the client are actually automated by the data feed into the HubShout dashboard. HubShout has taken advantage of open web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allows automatic analysis of information that normally would require hours of data collection and complex spreadsheet formulas. HubShout's software can read data from Yahoo, Bing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, SEOmoz, CallFire, WordPress, Campaigner, Facebook, Twitter and the list continues to grow. This automated analysis allows HubShout to provide a very high level of service at a very reasonable cost to SEO resellers. Relevant data for each client is automatically compiled into a report and sent to the SEO reseller's clients. As with all automated white label SEO communications tools designed by HubShout, SEO resellers have complete control over client interaction.

In addition to regularly scheduled campaign performance reports, SEO resellers can set up alerts to notify their customers of a variety of data. Search alerts can be set up to show organic daily or weekly visits to a client's website, social media alerts can be set up to show a client's social media mentions and lead notifications can be fed to clients immediately upon receipt of the lead.

HubShout SEO resellers can take advantage of the reporting and alerts tools to track the performance of their own website and campaigns.

With HubShout's bulk email tool, SEO resellers can build templates, add content and build email lists to distribute a one time campaign or a scheduled delivery campaign. Content templates can be edited, updated and reused. SEO resellers have the choice to use the email feature as a do-it-yourself service or they can hire HubShout's full-service team to manage email campaigns.

All of HubShout's communications features are designed to be compatible for SEO outsourcing and are used by HubShout in their own lead generating efforts. HubShout has seen many benefits from the automated outreach to their own clients - newsletters that include industry news and mentions of HubShout's services have been particularly effective in prompting clients to call for more information that frequently leads to new business. HubShout will continue to educate their resellers on the use and benefits of the automated private label SEO communications tools.


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