HubShout's New SEO Reseller Dashboard Includes Upgraded PPC Campaign Reporting Capabilities

Transparent and accountable reporting and more PPC data help HubShout resellers grow sales and revenue

HubShout, LLC, a U.S.-based white label SEO reseller, recently made major upgrades to its reporting dashboard that is designed to assist resellers in their SEO, PPC and Social Media sales efforts. HubShout resellers can easily demonstrate to their SEO clients that the new dashboard displays comprehensive data and provides reports that are easy to access and understand. Campaign results are evident on the SEO analytics screen that shows monthly searches, 30 day traffic, rank start, current rank, and trends. The ability to prove transparency, accountability and results helps HubShout SEO resellers retain clients and sell additional services.

HubShout resellers report that many of their satisfied SEO clients are now requesting PPC services. HubShout resellers can offer their clients a choice of PPC plans, ranging from the small scale PPC Launch to PPC Custom that is designed for the more complex, large budget campaigns. HubShout works with the reseller to define PPC goals for the client so that the return on investment can be measured. To ensure confidentiality, resellers are in direct contact with their customers to develop budget and goals and HubShout provides ongoing support behind the scenes. For PPC and SEO outsourcing, HubShout provides a private label dashboard to each reseller client. HubShout sets up and runs the campaign and all data and results are displayed on the reseller's white label SEO dashboard. Resellers and clients can track the progress and assure that PPC campaign objectives are met.

HubShout has developed a PPC scoring system that assigns a daily score to each PPC campaign. HubShout PPC analysts are required to maintain an acceptable score by completing a number of tasks geared toward optimizing the campaign. HubShout analysts are also required to keep the budget on track and achieve the campaign objectives. The PPC score allows HubShout's PPC analysts to continually monitor their campaigns.

HubShout's reseller dashboard, integrated with Google Analytics, automatically collects and reports data from PPC campaigns. Clients can track the status of each campaign to know exactly where they stand on clicks, cost and conversions. At month end, a white label SEO report that includes cost-per-click, total cost and conversion data is automatically emailed to the SEO reseller's clients. Clients that use HubShout for SEO outsourcing value the efficiency of the automated data collection and e-reports that allow them to focus their efforts on selling services and growing their business.

The PPC Analytics screen on the new dashboard shows conversions, cost, cost-per-conversion and cost-per-conversion goal. On the interactive graph, clients can add or remove data to evaluate the campaign on a more granular level. Clients can click to a second analytics screen to see each individual PPC campaign, month-to-date impressions, clicks, conversions and costs. This gives the client a quick snapshot of the real-time status of the campaign.

This screen also shows:

1. Click goals for the month, actual clicks and projected number that will be reached by month end
2. Cost-per-click goal and actual cost-per-click
3. Budget and projected spend
4. Top keywords for the month and cost-per-keyword
5. Recent notes on campaign progress and tasks

The Workflow screen displays a chronological list of tasks that have been performed or are scheduled to be performed for a campaign. PPC analysts enter notes on each task and indicate its status as not started, in progress, or completed.

HubShout's dashboard is designed to provide confidentiality and privacy for SEO outsourcing. A white label SEO dashboard is provided to each member of HubShout's SEO reseller program and resellers can now more easily customize the dashboard to match the style of their marketing materials and websites. The new dashboard offers a larger area for the reseller's logo and a more neutral color palette with a vast array of color choices.