HubShout Announces Complimentary Email Marketing Campaign Set-Up for New SEO Reseller Clients

Introductory offer includes set-up of email marketing campaign designed to bring leads to HubShout's new resellers

HubShout LLC, a US-based firm that specializes in outsourcing SEO, recently launched a white label email marketing service that has been extremely effective in finding leads for SEO reseller clients who have taken advantage of the free service. All HubShout SEO resellers can access the tool free of charge and pay only ten cents for every 1,000 email messages they send. (The payment goes directly to Amazon Simple Email Service.)

HubShout's white label Email Marketing Service has all of the latest deliverability components to ensure that the process is easy and efficient. The data from the email marketing campaigns is reported on the reseller's private label SEO dashboard. The top-rated HubShout reporting dashboard displays each client's data from email marketing campaigns alongside SEO, PPC, Social Media, Local Maps and all of the client's search marketing campaigns. Multiple graphs on the email tab of the dashboard drill down to more detail about the campaigns. The main email campaign graph shows the number of emails that have been sent each month and the number that have been opened. A more detailed graph shows those numbers broken down by campaign. When a client sends a series of emails, they can see data about each individual email message.

HubShout strongly advocates the use of email marketing and has taken steps to make the process as simple as possible for members of its SEO reseller program. To overcome the apprehension that many clients have about using the technology, HubShout took the extra step of writing email content to promote each service that resellers have at their disposal. When a new client signs up for the white label SEO reseller program, the HubShout marketing team customizes a template with the reseller's company name, logo and contact information. The email content is loaded and the reseller can log in and easily edit the content if they so choose. The account manager assists the reseller with loading email address lists and setting up the campaign to auto-send emails over the course of days, weeks or any schedule the reseller assigns.

Once the campaign is launched and the reseller sees the leads stream in, they are inclined to get more creative with the email marketing tool. The reseller can create original content to announce specials, distribute coupons, provide product updates, and so on. As always, HubShout account managers are available to support their reseller clients should they need help with email marketing. Due to the low cost of only 10 cents per 1,000 emails sent, the cost per lead tends to be lower than leads from other advertising channels. The low cost, simplicity and effectiveness of HubShout's white label email marketing tool make it one of the best lead resources available.

HubShout is confident that once resellers see first-hand the tremendous value of the email marketing service, they'll be more effective in selling the service to their clients. Because HubShout offers the service at no cost to their clients, resellers can price it affordably for resale and still make a profit.

Soon after the email marketing tool was released, HubShout resellers were invited to participate in two webinars where they learned how to set up and use the email system, as well as sell the service to their clients. HubShout's live webinars are interactive and resellers appreciate the opportunity to receive immediate answers to their questions.

Firms that outsource SEO can add other search marketing services to their business when they partner with Hubshout. Diversification of services is a great way to maintain a longterm relationship with clients.

HubShout offers an industry-leading private label SEO reseller program through which many web design companies and PR agencies outsource SEO while maintaining customer control.

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