Free Personalized Cookbook and Apron, For Your Recipes

Create the perfect kitchen keepsake for your family and friends with a free personalized cookbook and apron - simply by sharing your love for food.

New recipe-sharing website Gourmandize.com is inviting all foodies and kitchen connoisseurs from across the United States to create your very own free deluxe cookbook, along with your free personalized apron.

Whether they are your own culinary masterpieces, family mementos or shared recipes between friends, your deluxe-edition A4 cookbook will be the perfect keepsake or gift to share with others.

And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, why not ditch the oh-so-obvious red roses and chocolates and actually make something truly unique for your someone special.
To get started, simply become a member of Gourmandize US and begin adding your favorite recipes and culinary achievements to our site at Gourmandize.com.

Once you've uploaded your first 10 recipes you can begin making your own bookstore-quality cookbook at no cost and the shipping fees are on us.

You even get to personalize your own burgundy-colored apron with your name or the name of your blog, or with your own creative touch, such as 'BBQ King' or 'Kiss the Cook.'

Once you've added 40 of your recipes and photographs, just hit complete and your new customized cookbook and apron will be on your kitchen counter in no time.

To start making your no-cost cookbook and receive your free apron visit Gourmandize.com.

For more information on recipe contests or the free cookbook offer, contact US Manager Lydia Lane at Lydia@gourmandize.com.

Gourmandize.com was launched late last year, by parent company 750 grams International and offers members an easy and fun way to collect and create cookbooks to fill with their favorite recipes.

The site features food bloggers from the United States, along with monthly recipe competitions, and is an open community for all people to share their love of food and cooking.

This promotion is open to participants 18 years of age and older, who reside in the United States.

Gourmandize.com continues to offer the first custom cookbook and apron to each first-time user for free until March 31st.

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