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Creodyne Acquires Exclusive Rights to Self-assembling DNA NanoBioSensor

Creodyne, LLC, announced today acquisition of intellectual property related to the design and implementation of a revolutionary nanoscale biosensing platform technology called the "Slider".

Creodyne, LLC, announced today acquisition of intellectual property related to the design and implementation of a novel nanoscale biosensing platform technology. The biosensor is composed of DNA and contains a variety of unique features including a reconfigurable docking domain and logic gate, a moving platform, and an embedded optical reporting system.

Dr. Eric Henderson and graduate student Divita Mathur are co-inventors of the system. Henderson described the system, saying, "We call the device the "Slider" because of its internal moving parts. Since it is made from DNA it is extraordinarily inexpensive and durable and, therefore, relevant to pathogen sensing and molecular screening in impoverished or harsh environments. Early development of the Slider was funded through internal resources and a small grant from a private philanthropic foundation. Having completed the proof of principle stage of research we are now developing a larger funding strategy to move closer to commercialization of this new and exciting technology. Part of this strategy involved acquisition of the founding intellectual property from a midwest university by assignment back to the original inventors, Henderson and Mathur."

When asked about her role in developing the Slider Mathur said, "I have been refining and testing the Slider for about three years now and I'm extremely excited to be involved in working toward production of a commercially viable product. One feature of the Slider that is particularly intriguing is the inherent logic gate capability that allows multiplexed detection and correlative analysis in a single system. Furthermore, we can house twenty-four billion of these little machines in a drop of sample at a cost of less than ten cents. Add to that that the Slider is completely biocompatible and may have applications not only in a test tube but also inside of living systems! Who wouldn't be excited about an opportunity like this one?"

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