Creodyne Launches The Surfinator Pro™ UV/Ozone Surface Cleaner

Creodyne announces the launch of its newest addition to the Surfinator™ product line: the Surfinator Pro™. The Surfinator Pro™ adds new capabilities for a broader range of applications.

In response to unanimously positive reviews of its Surfinator™ products Creodyne, LLC, announced today the launch of the Surfinator Pro™. The newly designed Surfinator Pro™ embodies all the power and performance of its predecessors and adds additional features that allow users to exploit the benefits of UV/Ozone surface treatment for a much larger range of sample types and research/industry applications.

Dr. Eric Henderson, Company founder and president, said, "We maintain an open dialog with our users and have listened carefully to their feedback. This interactive process resulted in the design and production of the Surfinator Pro™ which I believe will exceed their needs and expectations."

When asked about the rapid evolution of the Company and its products Henderson said, "A fundamental theme of Creodyne is to identify innovative low cost/high performance solutions to problems in the life science market. The wealth of solutions extant in consumer products is vast and all it takes is a little creativity to find inexpensive integrated solutions that outperform competitive approaches mired in traditional thinking. I built my first UV/Ozone AFM probe cleaner in 1995 and have been exploring opportunities for performance improvements with concomitant reductions in cost to the user ever since. The Surfinator Pro™ is the culmination of 18 years of exploration. The challenge now for a boutique company like Creodyne is to reach out and inform potential customers that a better and cheaper platform for surface cleaning and conditioning is available. We are ramping up our sales and marketing efforts to meet this challenge."

About the Surfinator Pro™

The Surfinator Pro™ is a dedicated device for polymerizing, oxidizing, cleaning and/or conditioning a variety of surfaces including atomic force microscope probes, surface plasmon resonance substrates, quartz crystal microbalance sensors, silicon, glass, gold, PDMS, and plastics. The use of innovative design concepts creates an instrument that is less costly to produce and radically out-performs other UV/Ozone systems. Importantly, the Company's boutique manufacturing strategy and price/performance advantage translate to faster research progress and superior customer service. With the introduction of the Surfinator Pro™, legacy Surfinator™ product inventory will be exhausted and those products discontinued.