Creodyne Announces Surfinator Pro™ Upgrade

Creodyne announced today the release of an improved Surfinator Pro™ UV/Ozone surface cleaning and conditioning system. A new program to streamline Surfinator Pro™ production was launched in parallel with the upgraded system.

Creodyne announced today the release of an improved Surfinator Pro™ in parallel with a production streamlining program. The announcement follows a year of field trials and focused customer satisfaction and requirements analyses. Dr. Eric Henderson, the Company founder and President said, "The new Surfinator Pro™ design provides a significantly increased photon flux at the sample position. This results in enhanced UV exposure and ozone production where it is needed."

Creodyne has completed an annual market analysis and as a result has streamlined its production models to best meet customer need. Dr. Henderson said, "Creodyne pays close attention to ergonomics and aesthetics in its product design and we rely on customer input to fine tune these critical product elements. Over the last year our customers have shown a strong preference for the "Stealth" model Surfinator Pro™. Therefore, to improve production efficiency and customer satisfaction Creodyne will focus on production of that model exclusively for the time being. This decision does not preclude short runs of new models or expansion of the standard models again in the future and, in fact, creates more product development opportunity."

When asked about future directions for Creodyne Dr. Henderson said, "We have new instrumentation in the pipeline and are evaluating an emerging opportunity in field deployable diagnostics, but it is too early to provide any details on these Company activities."

About the Surfinator Pro™

The Surfinator Pro™ is a dedicated device for polymerizing, oxidizing, cleaning and/or conditioning a variety of surfaces including atomic force microscope probes, surface plasmon resonance substrates, quartz crystal microbalance sensors, silicon, glass, gold, PDMS, and plastics. The use of innovative design concepts creates an instrument that is less costly to produce and out-performs other UV/Ozone systems. Importantly, the Company's boutique manufacturing strategy and price/performance advantage translate to faster research progress and superior customer service.