When to Use Social Media Marketing

What triggers you to post on social media? A new blog post? Event? Or perhaps a milestone your company has reached? Whatever the reason may be, it is a good thing you share your news with your followers! But, if these reasons are the extent of your posting parameters, you and your company are missing out on prime opportunity! 

Social media marketing is a powerful tool. Make sure to use it wisely and effectively. By doing so, you will see a significant improvement in revenue.

Tips When to Use Social Media Marketing:

1. When You Have Reached a Milestone

Has your business achieved a goal? Awesome! Announce it on social media.

Consider sharing the good news with an incentive, coupon, or even a contest. Get your followers excited about your news too! Show them that when you receive good news, you would like to show them gratitude and share the achievement.

Your followers are your customers. Showing your appreciation and reiterating the fact that you would not be there without them is a great way to keep them engaged with you.

2. When a Customer Reaches a Milestone

Share your customers’ success stories. Have they achieved a goal with your services? Has your product helped them in some way? Share these stories on social media – it’s the best medium for this type of communication.

Showing off your customer’s achievements encourages others to share their accomplishments with you as well. Especially if they used your product/service to get them where they are! It not only shows proof that your product/service works, but that there are people willing to say, “Hey, this works for me, try it out!”

3. When You Have Information to Share

Information comes in many different forms. Tweets are quite different from Instagram posts, but both are effective forms of social media marketing. Share a tip via tweet, with a link back to your blog for more tips. You can also share infographics and video tutorials via Instagram and Facebook.

Don’t be afraid to showcase your white papers, case studies, or eBook that your company has created. Your audience might be asking themselves questions that you can give them the answer to! Tell everyone that you have a new PDF guide, or a Webinar coming up that can help them. You will be giving your customers more value and asserting yourself as an expert in your field.

Anyway you share it, anyway they hear it, as long as it gets heard/seen!

4. When You’re Hosting or Participating in an Event

Hey old sport, got something to celebrate?

Event marketing is huge, and social media is an exceptional way to not only announce the event – but to also help others participate and engage. Use social media marketing to promote the event. Then, when possible, livestream or share content and images during the event. After the event you can share what you learned, what others gained from the event, and talk about future events.

5. When Launching Something New

Whether you have a new book, sale, service, or partnership, leverage social media to increase awareness! You can use social media marketing to build up stamina about your launch. As you do so, you can drive sales and research your audience when things simmer down. —This helps improve your strategy for the next big announcement!

Create a content calendar that maps out everything about the announcement to excite your followers about your launch. This can include teaser phtoos, videos, etc. You can even run a promotion about the new product/service via a contest. Let your followers know why they need it when it launches and what it does. You need to keep them on their toes and build up the hype.

Social media marketing can help businesses achieve a number of important marketing goals. You can drive traffic to sales pages or to your website and build your lead and email list. Other things you can do are: strengthen your brand, boost credibility, and create a community around your business.

Rhamer Bernardez is a contributing editor and marketing associate for Newswire. She comes from a journalistic and PR background, covering everything from best practices in the field to social media strategy. Have an idea for a blog post? Don't hesitate to email Rhamer at: rhamer@newswire.com

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