Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Digital Newsroom

A digital newsroom is a great way to bolster content on your site. It provides a specific location for media representatives to gather data about your company and your industry. It’s also an ideal way to build your search ranking, strengthen your brand, and help you market your business. Unfortunately, there are a few pitfalls that companies make when creating their digital newsrooms.


There’s No Goal and No Plan

What do you want to accomplish with your digital newsroom? What’s your goal? Don’t reach out to your web designer or content creation team until you know exactly what you want to accomplish with your digital newsroom. Once you have a goal (or a prioritized list of goals), then you can create a plan to achieve it. Each piece of content published in your digital newsroom, regardless of the format, should ultimately support that goal. And if we’re getting picky here, your goal for your digital newsroom should support your overall marketing and business goals. Generally speaking, one primary goal for a digital newsroom might be to attract the attention of the media.

There’s No Consistency

Many businesses make the mistake of publishing a few things in their digital newsrooms and calling it good. They upload their past press releases. Publish links to a few papers, reports, and even a good video and infographic. But they stop there. The content grows cold and stops doing its job – namely attracting the media. Don’t make this mistake. Create a content plan to keep your digital newsroom alive and vibrant. Add content to your newsroom consistently. You’ll achieve better search results and go much further to attract the attention of your audience and the media.

There’s No Data Tracking

Okay, assuming that you have a goal for your digital newsroom, and that each piece of content you publish is designed to help you achieve that goal, how do you know when you’re successful? What data are you tracking? What are you measuring? What quantitative information tells you whether you’re achieving success or not? As you plan your digital newsroom and create a content strategy, make sure to also plan how you’re going to measure and track success. Then implement systems to follow through on that assessment. The only way that you can build a newsroom that achieves results is by actually measuring them, and then making changes to your content and plan as you gather data.

Finally, don’t make the mistake of publishing the same type of content over and over. Variety is key. Make sure your digital newsroom has diversity. Publish press releases. Publish videos, white papers, case studies, reports, infographics, audio files and anything else that you believe your audience and the media will value.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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