Including Image & Video Assets in Your Press Release

If you look at the statistics, there’s no doubt that we’re a visual society. Content with photos or images gets read more often. Videos and pictures are the most shared type of content. And even press releases have shown that when they contain visual content, they outperform straight text.

But that’s the general public, right? Does your story pitch perform better when you pitch to the media? You bet it does.

Images: Visualizing Your Release

Example of press release that have included images to capture their audience’s attention.

Images are commonly included in stories. They give life to the words on paper. Readers want images to better understand the story, and images help visualize. Having a photo to look at enhances the experience of reading the story/article about your company.

Stories with images are more appealing. Don’t make a journalist scour through your website or online for relevant images to include in their story. Provide them with images off the bat. This helps make the process of writing your story easier. Plus, they are able to use images you approve of.

Videos: Telling and Showing the Story

Would you rather sit and read a 1,000 page book or watch a 2 minute video summary? A majority of people would go with the video, but there are a handful that would be more than willing to sit down and read the book!

Cover your grounds and make sure you appeal to everyone. Try creating a short video snippet that conveys the message of your release or makes the viewer to want to read it. Videos are appealing because of the moving parts it has. It’s easy for people to sit down and watch a video, get lost in it. They make conveying a message better. It gives the journalist a little more freedom to write a shorter piece that will highlight the video.

Including visual assets, such as images and videos in your press release can help enhance your message Getting your message across the right audience at the right time is very important when it comes to your press release. So why not include a couple ofages and a video? They bring life to your story!

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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