How to Pitch to the Press – Success Strategies

There are a number of ways to pitch to the press successfully if you are willing to lay down a solid foundation for all your communications. You need to create a good first impression and reinforce it with each pitch you send.


1-Do your research

This can be time-consuming, but you are never going to get past the initial contact phase with a cookie-cutter approach.

You need to know about the publication, the journalist, the kinds of things they write, and how to contact them.

2-Make a preliminary inquiry

Some journalists are happy to be pitched to. Others do not accept them, though they might use press release distribution services. Then there are influential bloggers in your niche, who might also be receptive to pitches, or even give you the chance to be a guest blogger.

3-Get to know their needs better

Knowing their ways of working, how often they publish, and their deadlines, can all help you make the right connections with media reps in your niche, who will already have exactly the right kind of readership you wish to target with information about your latest products and services.

An easy way to ask these questions is to create a short questionnaire and get them to fill in the blanks. If this does not work, consider a quick phone call on a Friday in the morning. Chances are they are done with deadlines at that point, but still on the lookout for ideas on what to publish next.

4—Be brief

They are busy people. Be clear about why you are contacting them.

5-Write a great subject line

It should be intriguing and grab their attention.

6-Be personal

Show that you have done your research and know who they are, their name, who they write for, and that you are familiar with their work.

7-Be clear

In your second paragraph, pitch your idea and help them to understand the benefit of picking up your story in terms of the needs of their audience. Include the 6Ws of journalism:







These are the essential facts they will need to know when considering giving your pitch a chance.

8-Don’t try to rush things

Sending an email with a full pitch is a bit like asking someone you have just met if they will marry you. Don’t try to rush things. Listen to their needs and see what stories you can come up with. It takes time to build a successful relationship.

9-Offer bonuses

Images, video, free handouts for them and their readers can all sweeten the deal. Be sure they are high-quality items worth having or including as part of their story if they pick up your pitch.

10-Don’t be shy about the phone

A lot of us resort to email, but sometimes a quick chat on the phone can accomplish a great deal. Ask how they prefer to be contacted. Some love IM and Skype.

11- Follow up like a pro

Follow up as soon as they ask for more information. Don’t leave them hanging. Have all your bonuses organized before you pitch.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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