4 Marketing Trends to Embrace In 2015

Ready for 2015? If your organization successfully managed your marketing in 2014 then there’s good news. The trends for 2015 aren’t much different than they were last year. However, there are some important marketing trends to continue to keep an eye on.

Visual Content is Still a Priority

Visual content is shared exponentially more often than plain text. It’s an essential component of your marketing strategy. Each post, article, social media message and email needs to be both valuable and visually interesting. The bonus is that the images that become part of your print content can also be optimized for search and leveraged as separate pieces of content. For example, an infographic can be part of a blog post and stand alone on Facebook and Pinterest.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is part of the visual content category; however, it’s powerful enough to talk about as a standalone topic. Video appeals to both B2C and B2B customers alike. You can upload product demonstration videos and informative how-to videos on your blog or website. Create a YouTube channel and generate subscribers, share on social media, and offer as downloads on your site. There are many ways to leverage video marketing as it continues to grow in popularity in 2015.

Mobile Marketing

Content consumption on mobile devices is another trend from 2014 that is continuing to be a priority in 2015. However, something to keep in mind as you migrate your marketing to a more mobile friendly audience is that attention spans are shorter on mobile. Make sure that your content is dense, meaning that you pack an abundance of value and interest in a short amount of text.


Advertising has changed for 2015. Native advertising and sponsored content help you get your brand and your business in front of your audience. Competition is stiff on social media. There are literally thousands of posts published every second. It’s difficult to get the attention that you used to get. That means leveraging native advertising and sponsored content to get your information in front of your prospects.

Finally, segmentation is something to continue paying attention to. Companies are learning that sending the same marketing content to customers and prospects at different parts of the sales cycle just isn’t as productive or profitable as it can be. Segmentation allows you to send specific and focused content to your audience at every level of their buying process. As you build your marketing strategy for the upcoming year and plan, make sure to continue your focus on the trends for 2015.

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