What To Expect In The Global Economy For Investing And Trading In 2013

Fiscal cliff, jobs, healthcare-these are not the biggest problems facing the US economy in Martha Stokes, CMT's opinion. Find out what to expect in the global economy for investing and trading in 2013.

Scared enough? The news is all doom and gloom. They make it seem as if the end of the world is coming with the fiscal cliff nearing, unemployment stagnating, and political stalemate on the horizon.

Martha Stokes, CMT is not scared. And she wants to explain why to anyone who is sick of the hype and sick of getting in late only to see stocks rise without them. A correction is a perfect time to start thinking about where to invest next, not run for the hills, or worse, gold.

Sir John Templeton said, "The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy, and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell."

Want to learn what the professionals think? Tune in to Martha Stokes, CMT Live Radio online, free every Monday at 9 am PST.

On Martha Stokes, CMT Live Radio next week, Martha will talk about what she believes is the most critical problem facing the US. She will also explain what is going on with the economies of China, India, Japan, and Europe. Her discussion will go into where the best investing and trading opportunities will be found for 2013 and how the institutions are preparing for next year.

Want to be entertained? Buy a newspaper or magazine, or turn on the news. Want the facts about the economy and what to expect for the coming year? Listen in to Martha Stokes, CMT Live Radio at

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