Wedding Salon: Time Management Game Is Now For Mac

Sugar Games today announces the availability of its new addictive time management game Wedding Salon for Mac.

Built around a romantic and inspiring storyline, the game puts a player in the shoes of the enterprising soon-to-be bride managing a chain of wedding salons and preparing for her own big day.

In the game you assume the role of Holly, a young ambitious girl in charge of a wedding salon. You start with an almost empty place and only one location, but as the game progresses you earn the money to upgrade the equipment, add extra services and turn your salon into a chain of upscale establishments. You are in for 70 levels in 10 different locations. The better the salon gets, the more clients it sees, and there comes the time when you need to hire assistants to manage customer influx - a perfect chance to exercise your management skills!

The salon provides a wide variety of services so that the clients could thoroughly prepare for the wedding (because it´s only natural that everyone wants to look their best for the occasion). The list of services includes massage, tanning and hair styling. Customers also want to pick a beautiful bouquet, choose an elegant outfit and find unique gifts for the wedding - and it´s your job to help them make a choice. Brides, grooms, their friends and relatives all want this day to be special, their different tempers and impatience making the game more challenging. The developers also added small nice tricks allowing you to lift clients´ moods and increase their patience. Top-notch service earns Holly generous tips and, consequently, expert points.

And that´s where it comes to the best part: the expert points can be spent on Holly´s perfect wedding. With enough expert points you can choose Holly´s dress, furnish and decorate her new house, and more. The selection of options motivates a player to get higher score and adds to the replay value.

Features at a Glance:
- 70 levels
- 10 unique salons all over the States
- 7 mini game types to test your reaction and observance
- Demanding clients and challenging situations
- Wedding preparation
- Business and romance in perfect harmony

Pricing and Availability

Wedding Salon for Mac runs under Mac OS X 10.3 or better and costs $9.95 (US). Further information on the product as well as the free demo is available at

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