Best Wedding Planner of Paris Aims to Open More Wedding Salons

Sugar Games announces a sequel to its award-winning game Wedding Salon. In the new time-management adventure, players work their way from a modest wedding salon in London to a successful world-wide network by overcoming competition and making hundreds of bridal couples happy.

Wedding troubles are an inevitable and greatly enjoyable part of the wedding itself albeit all the hassles. And it is wedding hassles that players in Wedding Salon 2 take on themselves. Holly, a heroine of the game, has just married and now is eager to help engaged couples to prepare their ideal wedding days too. At the same time, jealous Mr. Barrington, a London wedding salon owner, puts a spanner in the works of Holly. The goal of the player is to run wedding salons in 10 cities of the world including Paris, London, Moscow, and beat nasty Mr. Barrington by bringing boutiques to financial success.

Profitable operation of a wedding salon is all about utter satisfaction of its clients - newlyweds. And it is not an easy job, after all. A wedding planner should take into account dozens of details: take accurate measures to sew an ideal dress, bake a delicious wedding cake, help the bridal couple to choose presents, flowers and decorations, assist with dance and vocal courses. Not to mention finances and upgrades of the salon. And that nefarious Barrington must be preparing another villainy. But with the player´s help Holly will manage to quickly address upcoming issues and receive generous tips from clients to upgrade her salons.

"We wanted our game to remind to all newlyweds and those who are already married all the joys and hassles of the wedding preparation", says Michail Tretyakov, the author of the game. "Wedding Salon 2 is just like a mini-wedding players will be pleased to experience, whether for the first time or again."

Pricing and availability

Wedding Salon is available for Windows XP or higher. The full version of the game costs $9.95.


Sugar Games develops kind family and kids games since 2004. The goal of the company is to provide an alternative to multiple militaristic and aggressive games widely presented in the industry. Among successful titles developed by Sugar Games are Rainbow Web with over 10 millions of downloads and Wedding Salon, a second place at in the time-management game category.


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