We're Hoping for a Better Tomorrow

America's job market is looking grim for professionals and college graduates alike. There are minimal resources to support one's efforts to obtaining their career goals, and the new book release "Times are Square" is the right motivation needed.

"We're Hoping for a Better Tomorrow"
Times are Square
By Jason F. Coulter

An excellent source on today's working environment, success, and pitfalls.

As Memorial Day has come to a close, we as a nation have celebrated the memories of our loved ones and our country's men and women who served the military; past and present. To date, there have been a total of 1.32 million soldiers' lives lost in order for us, the citizens of the United States of America, to enjoy unprecedented freedom and equal opportunity that is unmatched by any other country in the world (Wikipedia, 2014). I would like to take this moment to salute each and every veteran, military family, and soldier who has laid down their lives for this great nation.

Today, many Americans are no longer enjoying the well-deserved freedoms in opportunity and wealth once present in this great country. Unemployment has slightly improved to 6.3%, yet the economy is not producing enough jobs to support the hiring of long-term unemployed nor college graduates (, 2014). 53% of college graduates are either underemployed or unemployed, faced with an economy showing little to no opportunity. On the other hand, half of the 3.1 million unemployed workers have completely given up looking for work altogether. It is a depressing circumstance for any young and seasoned professional looking to obtain long-term success in the American economy.

What lies in the future determines the motivation of current job seekers. Current professionals are struggling to remain inspired to obtain their dream job, while many college students are living based on faith to reach their desired job destinations. The promising news is that the economy is creating more jobs, but is the pace fast enough to accommodate the vast majority of professionals currently seeking career roles on a daily basis.

In order to help prepare and better inform college graduates and professionals alike, a new book has been published that provides insight on today's American economy and workplace. "Times are Square," written by Jason F. Coulter shows what it takes to become one of the lucky few, and what each professionals must prepare for in their pursuit of a selected career. Coulter has integrated his experiences with over 12 Fortune 500 companies, as well as researched data, to provide this much needed insight.

Students, young-professionals, seasoned professionals, and retirees are all recommended to read this book as a way of closing communication gaps and to begin enjoying the freedoms that have been bestowed upon us. This book will provide the most intimate look inside one of America's greatest challenges; corporate America. We are all hoping for America's economy to bounce back soon, until then prepare yourself as much as possible. This very important book can be found @, paperback and EBook.

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