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This Handy Holder Is a Storage Holder

The Handy Holder is a storage holder for use in hospitals, nursing homes and home health care settings.

Anyone who has spent time in a hospital bed, wheelchair, or mobility scooter knows the hassle it can be to keep up with and have within reach all items one needs. The Handy Holder is the answer to this problem. It is a hanging storage holder that is used with the rails of hospital beds, the arm-rests of wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and the rails or crossbars of walkers. It is spacious enough to hold bed-controls, remotes, call-lights, cellphones, glasses, books or magazines and more.

The Handy Holder is easy to mount and its versatile design allows it to not only work on the bed-rail of hospital beds, but also on the arm-rest of wheelchairs and the handlebars of a walker or mobility scooter. Offering a stable, secure, fixed location to store the essentials, the Handy Holder is easy to reach, easy to use, and can stay in place for extended periods of time. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Handy Holder.

The Patent Pending Handy Holder was invented by John Verna, Jr. and Paula Narcissi of Chicago Heights, IL, who said, "Fabricated of a lightweight, tough, and durable sheeting, the Handy Holder can withstand hospital cleaners and disinfectants. Produced in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of users, it is designed to hang from bed-rails and other tubular structures via two flat, rubber gripped curling hooks."

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