Invents Unveils 'The Ant's Gotta Smoke': A Dollar Bill Provides the Tobacco Fix for the Casual Smoker

Mark Twain said, “Quitting smoking is easy, I've done it hundreds of times.” Whether that is true or a falsehood matters little to the individual determined to quit yet is still faced with uncontrollable urges at certain times. The Ant’s Gotta Smoke is a specially designed vending machine, which for a fee, dispenses a single cigarette. The design intent is to provide casual smokers as well as those who are trying to quit with a practical means of enjoying a cigarette without the expense or commitment associated with purchasing an entire pack.

The Ant’s Gotta Smoke contains a refrigeration and cooling airflow system designated not only to provide an air-tight housing for stored cigarettes but also ensures the cigarettes stay fresh and flavorful prior to being dispensed. The Ant’s Gotta Smoke dispenser is divided into four, vertical chambers that run the length of the machine from the top to the bottom of the unit. The Ant’s Gotta Smoke is filled with both menthol and non-menthol cigarette varieties with both 100 and regular length smokes available. At the base of each chamber is an access door through which single cigarettes are dispensed when a dollar bill is inserted into a bill reader located on the side of the unit. This bill reader is programmed to authenticate dollar bills that are fed into the machine and can be programmed to accept only singles. Alternately, the bill reader might be programmed to also accept five, ten, or twenty-dollar bills and dispense change. In addition, a credit/debit card slider will also be included for added convenience. 
The Ant’s Gotta Smoke is Patent Pending and was invented by Anthony Enriquez of Long Beach, CA who said, “What makes this vending machine unique is the fact that a smoker who may be tempted to have a cig with his or her friends—need not purchase an entire pack—so it works both cost wise and denies the temptation have more than one single cigarette for the dedicated quitter. It works.”

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