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The Versatile Jeanny's Mirrors

The Versatile Jeanny's Mirrors show an all around view of the head and body for perfect personal grooming.

Wouldn't it be nice and convenient to have "eyes in the back of one's head"? Styling the back of one's hair wouldn't be the hassle of trying to juggle a hand mirror, brush, and comb all at once. Also, shaving those hard to reach areas of the body wouldn't result in straining, stretching, and contorting the body. Jeanny's Mirrors can become those "eyes in the back of one's head". Jeanny's Mirrors, a specially designed mirror system, has a primary mirror with a second mirror that is mounted to a fully adjustable support arm. It provides a practical grooming tool which lets one easily view rear and out of the way areas of the head and body. With Jeanny's Mirrors those difficult cosmetic rituals, such as braiding or styling the back of the head, shaving, or other personal hygiene rituals, are simple to accomplish alone.

Offered in several distinct variations, Jeanny's Mirrors are fully adjustable and can be easily installed and effortlessly stored when not in use. Jeanny's Mirrors is not just for the home. Salons should appreciate this product which would offer their customers complete 360 degree views. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Jeanny's Mirrors.

The Patent Pending Jeanny's Mirrors was invented by Jean Rosembert of Hyde Park, MA, who said, "Jeanny's Mirrors can assist with a wide variety of hygienic needs. Women can use Jeanny's Mirrors to help in shaving those hard to see places, such as the bikini area, behind the ankles, inner thighs, and other areas. Men can use Jeanny's Mirrors to help in shaving their backs, chests, abdominal region, and groin. Besides shaving, Jeanny's Mirrors can prove helpful when washing, applying lotions or medicinal solutions."

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