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The Ultimate Back Scrubber

A hands free way to scrub hard to reach areas when using the new Ultimate Back Scrubber.

For some people, scrubbing their bodies requires them to bend, twist or stretch their arms in awkward positions. Those hard to reach places on the body may seem impossible to clean especially for those who have limited mobility, back pain, or those who are senior citizens. The Ultimate Back Scrubber offers a comfortable alternative to other methods of cleaning.

The wall mounted Ultimate Back Scrubber is a simple and hygienic hands-free way to gently scrub away germs and bacteria from the back, neck, shoulders, and similar hard to reach areas with soft, yet firm bristles. Easily installed in any shower or bath stall, this product is especially beneficial to senior citizens or those who suffer limited mobility or back pain. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Ultimate Back Scrubber.

The Patent Pending Ultimate Back Scrubber was invented by Eric Ortiz of Toms River, NJ, who said, "Manufactured primarily of lightweight and pliable, yet heavy duty plastic, gel or rubber material, the Ultimate Back Scrubber's surface has a raised, gently contoured shape that conforms to the natural curves of the back and neck. Available in a variety of shapes for adults and children, the Ultimate Back Scrubber is sized appropriately to accommodate a sizable portion of an adult back. Easily mounted to the shower or bath stall wall with heavy duty suction cup fasteners, it can be removed and repositioned as desired. Eliminating the need to bend, twist or stretch the arms in awkward positions, the Ultimate Back Scrubber massages the back with soft and soothing bristles, giving a revitalizing, refreshing mini-massage of sorts."

The inventor added, "The Ultimate Back Scrubber massages one's back with soft and soothing bristles, making one feel invigorated. It offers a revitalizing and refreshing mini-massage of sorts, relieving the stresses of the day."

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