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The Omega 360 Cpj

The Omega 360 cpj is for joint flexibility, range of motion, better balance, and improved circulation. It works!

Joint flexibility refers to how well one can move his or her joints through the normal range of motion. The more flexible joints are, the more easily they usually move. In general, one can increase joint flexibility by doing a variety of exercises. The Omega 360 cpj is a motorized apparatus designed to aid in developing, maintaining, or recovering joint flexibility and range of motion, as well as developing better balance and improving circulation. Using rotary motion and capable of a variety of settings and ranges of motion, the Omega 360 cpj offers physically therapeutic exercise that can be tailored to the various joints of the body, and to the needs and abilities of the user. A wide range of consumers should appreciate this innovative product-from athletes to stroke victims to those just trying to get into better shape. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer response to the Omega 360 cpj.

To use the Omega 360 cpj, a person places the left foot on the left designated platform and the right foot on the right platform. One foot will move clockwise and the other will move in a counter-clockwise direction at a pre-programmed rate. Rotation of the platforms can also be reversed in direction. The Omega360 cpj can also be programmed to operate in fractions of a complete circle (for example, 45 degrees or 90 degrees) instead of the full 360 degrees. The Omega 360 cpj can be equipped with numerous programmable operating modes, so that users can set up operations as required for different applications.

The Patent Pending Omega 360 cpj was invented by Carlton Powell of Adelphi, MD, who said, "All of the benefits of the Omega 360 cpj are delivered by a variable-speed, multifunction, circular-motion machine that can be used at a health club, in a physical therapy center, or best of all, in the privacy of one's own home. Adaptable for use with virtually all moveable parts of the body, the Omega 360 cpj provides the systematic, gently, repetitive stretching and rotational movements which, over time and with regular use, produces remarkable results-both in users whose bodies are already fine-tuned through athletics, and in users recovering from physical injuries or even strokes."

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