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The New Handi Scoop

The New Handi Scoop is an easy way to collect and discard animal waste - could also be called a pooper scooper!

Pet owners, do you dread the distasteful task of having to clean up after your pets? Would you like a way to accomplish this task without direct contact with your pet's waste? The Handi Scoop is a specially designed pet waste collection device. It is specifically configured to enable user's to collect waste without making direct contact with fecal matter. Providing a clean and practical method of collection, the Handi Scoop makes this unpleasant task simple, quick, hands free and thus, more sanitary.

The Handi Scoop is much easier to use than normally having to bend over to pick doggie poop. Walkers, joggers, park visitors, and more will benefit from the clean up actions of the dog walker or dog owner which makes it much simpler, and cleaner for them too when using the Handi-Scoop . Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Handi-Scoop.

The Patent Pending Handi Scoop was invented by David and Kathleen Roland of Menifee, CA, who said, "Manufactured primarily of molded plastic material, the Handi Scoop is a shovel-like scoop with a cylindrical shaped and open ended collection receptacle. The Handi Scoop is configured so that you can scoop the waste matter and drop it directly into a plastic collection bag without making direct contact. This scoop has raised side walls on either side of the scoop that serve to contain waste matter within, while the front end of the scoop is tapered to facilitate the easy retrieval of waste. Attached to the base of this scoop is the actual collection receptacle: a cylindrical shaped, open ended unit. A centrally positioned sturdy handle is mounted to the top of the unit. Notably, attached to either side of the scoop are sturdy, spring loaded clip fasteners, which secure a biodegradable waste collection bag."

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