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The Frozen Sticks Maintain Beverage Coolness

The Frozen Sticks keep bottled drinks colder for a longer period of time on those hot summer days!

Frozen Sticks would provide the user with a set of handy, colorful, reusable, beverage chillers. It would be a frozen tube in the shape of a candy cane to be hung in the freezer on an included holding rack. When needed, you can take one out of the freezer and drop it into any beverage bottle for a quick chill. Each Frozen Stick will be a sealed, cylindrical tube, measuring 6 inches in length, and 5/8 inches in width, with a flexible, cane-like hook at the top. The hook can be bent to be inserted into a plastic bottle, once it is dropped in, it would regain its original shape, allowing you to drink your beverage without it falling out. After the beverage is consumed, you can simply flip the bottle, shake the Frozen Stick out, wash it, and put it back into the freezer for future use.

They would be produced in a wide variety of colors with different images on them to attract a large audience including young children, sport fans, and even holiday themes like Christmas candy canes and Fourth of July flags. Unlike ice, Frozen Sticks would not met and water-down your drink. Affordable, non-toxic and dishwasher safe, they could be re-used on an indefinite but long-term basis. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Frozen Sticks.

The Patent Pending Frozen Sticks were invented by Henry Chang, of Milltown, NJ, who said, "This is an ideal accessory to have during the hot, summer months as it would keep your drinks colder for a longer period of time. Use it at picnics and BBQ's, the different color Frozen Sticks would be an easy way to identify whose drink belongs to whom."

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