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The Cushioned Odor Control Socks

The new Cushioned Odor Control Socks offers a dress sock and athletic sock all-in-one. This sock will control and absord any foot odor.

Anyone who suffers from the common problem of sweaty, odiferous feet will benefit from this new product. This embarrassing problem can easily be solved with the Cushioned Odor Control Socks. The Cushioned Odor Control Socks is a line of foot coverings combining the professional aesthetic of dress socks with the comfortable, odor-absorbing material of athletic socks. It provides those who wear dress socks with a simple and effective solution to foot odor.

The socks are offered in sizes ranging from six to twelve and one half. Cushioned Odor Control Socks have several stately colors, such as black, brown, gray, and similar hues. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Cushioned Odor Control Socks.

The Patent Pending Cushioned Odor Control Socks was invented by Sigfredo Ruiz of Brooklyn, NY, who said, "It is the base of each Cushioned Odor Control Sock that sets it apart from common varieties. Cushioned Odor Control Socks have a top section that serves as a dress sock, with the base featuring the cushiony absorbency of an athletic sock. White, cushioned cotton athletic sock material covers the entire sole, heel, and toes of the foot, helping to eliminate the quite common problem of sweaty, smelly feet."

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