The Burial Concepts Stacking System

The Burial Concepts Stacking System is a new system that saves money as well as land space.

Would you like to have all of your loved ones interred together but also want to save space and money? The Burial Concepts Stacking System is a combination cremation/burial system that is specially designed to allow multiple burials on small, single plots of land. This exciting idea facilitates full body interment in the traditional manner, while also permitting numerous, separate receptacles of cremains to be interred in the same spot. This stacking system is integrated into the plot, directly beneath the base of a headstone. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating a strong consumer interest.

The Patent Pending Burial Concepts Stacking System was invented by Richard McHale of Dunmore, PA, who said, "A section of durable, heavy duty schedule-80 PVC pipe is inserted into the ground beneath the headstone. At the top of the monument base, the stacking pipe is covered by a granite or bronze plate, which would only be accessible by cemetery personnel. The Burial Concepts Stacking System, based on a two-person family plot, allows for up to fourteen family burials per double lot purchase. Thus, this includes two traditional burials with twelve stacked cremation urns. Additionally, the system can be used in pet cemeteries."

Mr. McHale added, "The Burial Concepts Stacking System is adaptable to both upright and in-ground headstones. So it is a versatile and ideal method for backyard interment for both humans and pets in areas that allow that method of burial. Urns placed within the Burial Concepts Stacking System can be easily retrievable if need be."

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