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SIREN: Silent Intelligent Remote Emergency Notification For Android

Lion Images Productions LLC. is very proud to announce that the Siren mobile APP for Android has been released for public distribution. This will easily allow fro all who chose to want protect to opt to have protection. The price is 100% Free.

Lions Images Productions, LLC is proud to announce the launch of their newest product the "SIREN ( Silent Intelligent Remote Emergency Notification). This new App is based on Smartphone technology within the Android operating system. This App has been over two and one half years in the making. This App takes into account the use of a cell phone to contact Emergency Service very quickly, very quietly without an assailant even being aware that an emergency alarm has been sent to EMS. This product was designed with the idea of anything can happen to anyone at anytime. The concept for this App is quite simply to help solve crimes and save lives.

The inspiration to create such an invention was as follows: This concept was born in December of 2009 when the local TV news ran a story about a 12 year old girl who was raped and brutally beaten and was then left for dead. She tried at the very start of the abduction to send a 911 manually, her attacker got control of the cell phone she was using and broke the flip away from body of the device rendering it out of order. The call never got sent. The girl did not know, and never prior to this event saw her attacker. She was in a coma for 3 days after the occurrence and her assailant was never caught. This story was the catalyst for the invention.

Once this concept is integrated into mainstream wireless telecommunication devices it is estimated that 1 in every 3 major violent crimes will be avoided or solved more quickly with the aid of this invention. It is also estimated that of the 51,000,000 deaths worldwide annually over 17,000,000 will be saved that would not have been without this invention. In terms of the United States the number would be closer 750,000 saved lives from the nearly 2,250,000 fatalities. Although it is understood that it won't save every person facing death or who is involved in a violent crime, it will give that person in that circumstance a much better chance of survival than they have had up to this point in time.

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