Offering A Better Chance.

A follow up to the story of Shania Gray, of Carrollton Texas. The 16 year old female in mention was raped and subsequently murdered to keep her from testifying against Franklin B. Davis a 30 year old resident of suburban Dallas. Davis pleaded guilty.

Two men from Pottstown, PA, after following a similar story called themselves into action to create an personal safety centered android application. After a 12 year old girl from a neighboring city was raped and left for dead late one night in 2009 while on her way home from a local event. The Girl tried to dial 911 but her assailant took the phone snapped it in half rendering it useless. The girl survived but was in a coma for three days after. Her assailant was never captured.

To prevent issues like this the dynamic duo of Kevin and Alex Kollar spawned the app Wireless Emergency Breaker Beacon: Silent Guardian. Or for short WEBB: SG.

Kevin[Father]said: "We made the app so problems like this have a better chance at being prevented. No one needs to go through this and we feel it will give would be victims more control in an emergency situation."

Alex[the Son]Followed that up by saying: "In today's digital age of technology there should be no reason anyone needs to deal with these situations. Its a waste of a perfectly good life."

The two make very valid points. Before the WEBB: SG there have been android apps that enable emergency dialing but the WEBB: SG takes it to the next level by muting the speaker and dimming the screen down to make it simulate being shut down as well as sending GPS coordinates all while keeping a silent profile.

The Kollars APP could and we think will save lives like that of Shania Gray because after all, no one should have to go through this.

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