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Shake Up Your Kitchen with Custom Wine Glass Racks

Custom wine glass racks serve both a practical and an aesthetic purpose. Kitchen designers around the world have begun using the racks as centerpieces in new and modern kitchens.

The height of in-home entertaining (not counting when the country was only a few colonies and the concept of going out to a bar or restaurant was unheard of, because they didn't exist yet) was during the 1950's. With the post-war housing boom and the introduction of suburbia, homes were designed with an eye as much toward entertaining as it was towards living. One of the centerpieces of this look was the beverage cart, where the host could show off their crystal martini pitcher and accompanying glassware. These were as much a status symbol as a functional piece of kitchenware. Entertaining at home has come back around, but instead of pitchers of martinis, it is now the "wine lifestyle" that is the theme of most of these parties.

The parties don't just happen on the patio or in the living room anymore, either. These are not stuffy gatherings but informal get-togethers, where friends can relax, unwind, and enjoy each other's company. Everyone who has ever attended a party in their life knows that most good parties end up in the kitchen anyway, so now some people design their kitchen to let them start there in the first place. An open design with a flowing floor plan encourages conversation and mingling, and custom wine glass racks allow the guests to help themselves to a new glass when you introduce a different bottle.

Not just any old wine rack will do, either. Let the boring practical designs live on the back bar at your favorite restaurant. Don't waste your time visiting the local home design store in your area. Take your search to Woodsy Wino, the industry-leading website for all things wine and wine related. They work with the finest artisans and will have the custom designed rack that is perfect for your kitchen.

Jack Terry's custom wine glass racks sit very close to the ceiling so he doesn't bump into the glassware as much.

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