Make Sure You Buy Them a Gift with a Purpose: Wine Glass Charms

Buying a practical gift is highly impractical -- nobody ever really knows what someone needs and nobody ever wants to get a gift they need. Bridge that gap with wine glass charms by giving a gift with the beauty they want and practicality they need.

The worst gift that you can ever give somebody is a practical gift, something that you think they need. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea. First of all, you don't really know what they need. Secondly, gifts are supposed to be something you want. The list you wrote to Santa every year, did it ever say "socks" on it? And didn't you always hate when, sure enough, you unwrapped socks? Finally, a toaster? Really? Or a vacuum cleaner? These are not gifts!

Gifts are supposed to be fun. Gifts are supposed to be the things we want but wouldn't always buy for ourselves. That what makes wine glass charms the perfect gift for the people in your life who are wine lovers. They are fun little trinkets that show you know what they like. They are pretty to look at and they are certainly something that people will think about having but will probably never buy on their own. Best of all, they're impractical - or are they?

They people at Woodsy Wino know the following scenario all too well. It is a crowded party and everyone is drinking red wine. You put your glass down for a minute while you go to help yourself to an appetizer, and when you come back, your glass is lost among a sea of glasses. Quick, how do you know which wine is yours? Now, if you had some way to identify your glass, some fun little trinket, let's say, that sat around the stem of your glass that let you know which was which glass, then you wouldn't have to worry. That was why they came out with the gift with a purpose. Wine glass charms are the perfect fit for both something you want and something you need.

Jack Terry thinks every gift has a purpose, and that purpose is happiness.


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