Save-An-Angel's 3rd Anniversary Fundraiser to Benefit Rescued Puppies and Surrogate Mother Dogs in Need

Save-An-Angel's 3rd Anniversary Fundraiser at DBA on 11/8/12 to benefit 40 rescued dogs including 25 puppies. Recent additions, Thelma and Louise, were separated from their own litters, but kept each others puppies alive as surrogate nursing mothers

The Save-An-Angel foundation, a non-profit animal rescue and support organization, will celebrate its "3rd Anniversary Pawty" at a fundraiser on Thursday November 8th from 6PM to 11pm at D.B.A. in New Orleans, Louisiana. The organization is accepting monetary donations as well as donated raffle items, which currently include a signed Saints Jersey from Pierre Thomas #23. Proceeds will benefit the construction of a permanent shelter for dogs that have been rescued or are undergoing rehabilitation as well as the care and medical needs of the "Save-An-Angel Dog Pack".

The "Save-An-Angel Dog Pack" currently consists of 40 dogs. The most recent additions included 25 rescue puppies, 3 dog mothers and a dog father. The first dog, a female Pitt Bull heavy with milk, was rescued from under a house along with a litter of 9 Doberman puppies. While searching for their birth mother as well as the missing litter of Pitt Bull puppies, the Pitt Bull mom nursed the 9 Doberman pups. The following day the Save-An-Angel team found the Doberman Mom, but the missing Pitt Bull puppies were still at large. Two days later the 9 missing Pitt Bull puppies were discovered where the Doberman was found and it was determined that she had been nursing the Pitt Bull puppies while her Pitt Bull counterpart nursed her Doberman pups until they could be reunited. The group lovingly named them Thelma and Louise, after the fictional best friends. The dogs joined the existing Save-An-Angel rescue dog pack which included another dog family (a mother, father and their 7 puppies) who were rescued after being tied outside and abandoned. All of the dogs and puppies have since received veterinary care and are awaiting adoption. Proceeds from the fundraiser as well as all donations benefit these dogs and the efforts of Save-An-Angel to continue saving lives.

The Save-An-Angel foundation was originally created to benefit dogs diagnosed with cancer, by providing education, support and access to state-of-the-art treatments. The founders, Kristie and Johnny Sullens, along with the volunteer "Save-An-Angel Saints" have since evolved the organization to provide rescue and rehabilitation to dogs in need, placing animals in foster homes and supporting the efforts of other local animal rescue organizations.

For more information about Save-An-Angel, please call Kristie Sullens (504) 638-2341,,,

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