The Patient Protector: One Chiropractor's Fight Against Habit-Forming Narcotic Prescriptions

For many people, pills are still the first (and only) combatant against pain. Dr. David Manago of Mission Viejo explains why we should say no to drugs, and how he is helping people do just that.

Pain-killing narcotic drugs are a go-to for many Americans who are dealing with chronic pain or pain from injury. These pills, prescribed by doctors daily in America, are habit –forming for many, and fully addictive for some. Listed side effects include drowsiness, numbness, emotional and psychological changes, and even hallucinations, with certain types. Despite the risks, people choose this option for pain relief because they believe it to be more affordable or fasting-acting than some treatments, and less invasive than surgery.

Dr. David Manago, owner and lead at Manago Chiropractic, offers chiropractic as an alternative, maintaining that the risks of drugs make them no less invasive than surgery or injections. His rationale is that chiropractic care provides the same fast-acting relief, but with so much more. Dr. Manago’s approach to care, as he explains, is meant to be as gentle as possible while reaching every part of the patient’s body. This means that pain is being managed while actual sources and problems are being attended to. Manago wants everyone to understand that numbing the pain is not a solution and, for some, may not be safe. He explains that many patients further injure or re-injure themselves because they are blissfully unaware of the severity or source of their pain – until they aren’t.

Chiropractors, according to Manago, also offer patient education so that people can prevent  future accidents and injuries. Posture screenings, massage, and physical therapy are also among the extraneous services offered. Dr. Manago takes it a step further in his Mission Viejo office by offering Light Force Adjustments which are even less invasive than traditional methods.


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