Pregnant Women Choosing Natural Birth Trust Natural Pain Relief Methods Over Traditional Medicine

Many pregnant women choose natural birth because they do not want to subject themselves to the side effects of drugs on the most important day of their lives. These women seek alternative methods for holistic pain relief and choose chiropractic care.

Pregnant women and their partners have many major decisions to make when it comes to the birth of their children. Chief among them is the decision to utilize or not utilize an epidural steroid pain medication. While there is no right or wrong decision in this debate, there are many resources and aids for women who decide to deliver naturally. Some women will turn to herbology, reflexology, yoga or other alternative techniques to help them strengthen, relax, and center themselves before and during labor. Other women have taken to trusting a local chiropractor.

The myth stands, in the minds of many, that pregnant women are forbidden or discouraged from visiting a chiropractor. However, like yoga and many other alternative methods, the chiropractor is adaptive rather than restrictive. This means that chiropractic care can suit any person with any body, it may just need to be modified. Pregnant women are finding that visits with the chiropractor – which include massage, posture screenings, patient education and more – not only help with the stress and pain of pregnancy but also to prepare them for labor.

Dr. Matthew Pierce of Superior Physical Medicine sees many pregnant women. He says that many of the women he sees are planning for natural labor because they are committed to drug-free, holistic care. He also sees women who plan to take the epidural but who are prepping for labor by strengthening their spines and hips.


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