Tennis Pro Louis Desmarteaux Anticipating a Successful Outdoor Season

The change in seasons is leading to a transition from indoor to outdoor programs for seasoned tennis professional Louis Desmarteaux.

The long and very cold Boston winter has been brutal for many, particularly the eager pupils of Boston-area tennis pro Louis Desmarteaux, a source of quality tennis instruction and guidance to many over the past few years. As someone with an unrequited passion for the sport, himself an eager student of the game for many years, Desmarteaux is now looking forward to the Spring thaw, as well as the beginning of his program’s transition from indoor courts to the challenges, and rewards, of outdoor instruction.

Though indoor courts provide an adequate environment for which to teach the finer points of tennis, Louis Desmarteaux has always preferred play and instruct on those that are outdoors; an environment where the player must not only contend with an opponent, but also such factors as the sun, the wind and varying temperatures, all of which can change on a moment’s notice. Outdoor tennis, as he knows, is conducted on a much slower playing surface than those indoors, and is forces each player/pupil to adapt and adjust to varying degrees of wind, weather and temperature while simultaneously attempting to best the other player.

Amateur players and seasoned tennis veterans alike have been anticipating the chance to play outdoors from the very moment they were forced to go inside, and the change in seasons is bringing a wonderful opportunity for those cooped-up athletes to test themselves, and each other, in the most natural of settings. Come the end of April, Louis Desmarteaux will be officially operating numerous junior clinics and training programs throughout the Boston area, taking advantage of the new outdoor season by offering high-quality instruction to many; to helping Boston players shake off the cobwebs of the long winter and to once again experience the rush of fast-paced outdoor competition.

Louis Desmarteaux will be operating programs and clinics at a variety of facilities in the City of Boston, sharing his talent, knowledge and love of the game with people of multiple skill levels and a strong desire to learn. Those interested in learning the basics and/or the finer points of the game this summer season, or who are simply looking for a little tennis refresher, should seek out Desmarteaux as soon as possible.

About: Louis Desmarteaux has enjoyed, instructed and played the game of tennis for much of his life.


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