Tennis Expert Louis Desmarteaux Focuses on Community Involvement with Tenacity, an Inner City Youth Program

Louis Desmarteaux is committed to providing much-needed opportunity to inner city youth, and anticipates success with local nonprofit organization Tenacity.

Longtime tennis player, coach and mentor Louis Desmarteaux has been involved with the game of tennis for more than 20 years; a game that has both taught and offered him much throughout his competitive career. Though now in pursuit of a career in the professional business community, Desmarteaux is eager to give back to the game that has given and taught him so much throughout his life, particularly through the inner city youth program Tenacity.

Tenacity, as Louis Desmarteaux knows, uses the game of tennis as a way to help struggling inner city youth pursue and obtain the focus they need to succeed, not only in the field of athletics, but also in the field of academics. The professionals at Tenacity seek to utilize tennis as an invaluable teaching tool, using the lessons of the game to help enhance and improve physical, character and scholastic development in a way that is both fun and effective.

By combining both quality tennis instruction with strong academic support, Tenacity is able to empower inner city youth with the lessons, tools and care they need to accomplish their goals, as well as the invaluable life skills they will need to pursue and achieve their dreams well into the future. Louis Desmarteaux, who has recently made a donation of 15 tennis racquets for use by middle and high school tennis players, looks forward to donating his time, energy and expertise to the Tenacity organization, and to serving a much-needed population through a game that has meant so much to him over the past two decades.

Louis Desmarteaux is enthusiastic about getting more involved in the organization, as well as the opportunity to donate his time and energy to both the instruction and to the organizational fundraising efforts so crucial to Tenacity’s continued success. The recent recipient of an MBA from Northwestern University, Desmarteaux is excited about the chance to once again make a real difference in young people’s lives; to give back to both the game he loves and to the youth that need it the most.

Desmarteaux looks forward to any opportunity he has to make a difference, and to becoming a part of the Tenacity team.

About: Louis Desmarteaux recently received a degree in Finance/Management from Northwestern University.


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