Recent Developments In Summerlin's Landscape Attracts Coyotes This Winter

The Nevada Department of Wildlife issues a warning to protect Summerlin residents from coyote activity.

Any time of the year, desert dwellers can anticipate seeing a number of different critters. This is especially the case as temperatures drop and these critters begin seeking refuge from the cold.

According to recent article published by the Las Vegas Review Journal, the Summerlin area is likely to see a majority of this activity.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) attributes this increased activity to the lush landscaping that Summerlin is known for. There are numerous golf courses, small bodies of water, and animal reserves that attract these wild animals.

Additionally, Summerlin is located right on the edge of the greater Las Vegas area. The mountains that kiss the North and West edge of the Summerlin development have been the home to coyotes long before humans broke ground there.

Because of this, NDOW recommends that Summerlin residents maintain their landscaping to ensure coyotes don’t den in the yards of single-family residences. Low-sitting trees and shrubs should be regularly trimmed in order to keep coyotes from hiding underneath them.

It is also wise, according to NDOW, to keep small pets indoors unless they are being supervised. Coyotes are known for catching and eating domestic pets.

For more information about landscaping trends in the Vegas valley, contact Showcare Land & Care at 702.531.6789.


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