Gay Couples Are Welcomed In Las Vegas With Almost Open Arms

In spite of recent court rulings, some Las Vegas chapels are turning away gay couples.

In early October, federal courts declared that gay marriage is now legal in Nevada. To many companies and chapels in the Las Vegas wedding industry, this came as fantastic news. The gay community is healthy and vibrant in this city and many feel it’s high time to take advantage of that fact.

However, not everyone is on the same page. There are a handful of chapels across the valley who want nothing to do with this recent development.

Of the displeased chapel owners in the Valley, Dolly Deleon of the Vegas Wed Chapel has probably been the most vocal regarding her distaste. She stated that, “I would be a hypocrite if I said I’m a Bible-believing person and yet I would perform marriage that I believe is solely against God’s law.”

Of course, Deleon is not the only Vegas chapel owner who believes this. The Elvis Wedding Chapel has also refused to serve same-sex love birds.

Because of this direct disagreement with the law, lawsuits have been filed to determine if businesses with no official religious affiliation are allowed to refuse service.

As it stands, the only law in effect protects purely religious institutions. This means that churches are allows to refuse to marry gay couples because of their affiliations. However, this has not stopped Alliance Defending, a religious liberty group, from filing a lawsuit against two ordained ministers in Idaho.

For more information about gay marriage in Las Vegas, contact 702.739.7971.


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