Planning Change Discusses How to Avoid Conflict at Work in Upcoming Seminar

Planning Change is organizing a 100-hour mediation training program in September that will teach business owners and professionals how to resolve conflict and become a better negotiator. This mediation training program can lead to a career change into one of the country's top professions.

​Every business owner knows the pain of trying to resolve workplace conflict between two star employees. Now, they can enroll in a conflict management course that teaches them how to negotiate and resolve conflict like a professional mediator.

The intensive 100-hour mediation training program begins on September 19-20th in New York City.  The course will be taught by Elizabeth Clemants – the CEO of Small Business Arbitration Center of New York and founder of Planning Change.

Clemants has more than 18 years of experience mediating conflict between managers and employees.  She has been a certified mediation trainer for the New York State Unified Court System since 2000.  She has also been featured as a conflict-resolution expert with Crain's New York, Inc Magazine, PIX11 Morning News and Female Entrepreneur.

The basic mediation training with Planning Change can also lay the groundwork for an entirely new career for employees unhappy with their current work situation. It will also provide practical skills employees can use to advance their careers.

Participants who complete the Basic Mediation Training program with Planning Change will be eligible for Advanced and Mastery level courses.  Planning Change certified mediators are eligible to apply to work as mediators for Small Business Arbitration Center.  

Mediation - One of the Top-Rated Professions in the US

US News and World Report called mediation one of the top professions based on its higher pay scale, work flexibility and positive aspects with work-life balance. It’s a career that is in high-demand.

In addition to acquiring professional mediator skills, participants who take the certified mediation training programs will be invited to take this 8-week elective workshop where they receive personalized guidance in how to launch their own private practice.  This course provides excellent opportunities to conceptualize your new business, build networks and referral sources, while focus on an area of conflict resolution that is of particular interest to each new mediator.   

Here are some of the conflict resolution practices this September mediation training program will cover:

You are not a judge: This session will explore why mediators are not judges who decide who is right or wrong, which are the most pronounced mistakes people make when trying to negotiate conflict. This course will help participants learn how to identify the source of any conflict and underlying issues to lead to a quicker resolution for both sides.

Don’t avoid small conflicts:  This session will explore how mediators can prevent conflict by addressing the smaller issues first. Participants will learn how most large conflicts are layered with compounded smaller conflicts. 

Stay away from positions:  This session will explain why mediators must keep a neutral perspective when resolving conflict. By starting with a position - they are more likely to alienate one side. However, if they start with the interests, they will succeed with their resolution.

Learn to Reflect:  The conflict resolution for managers session helps participants fully understand the importance of being heard. It teaches participants how to reflect and understand what the other person is saying. Getting what you want, starts with understanding what everyone needs or wants.

Brainstorm for Solutions: This part of the course explores the power of creativity when it comes to resolving conflict. It teaches practical tips that can help groups identify conflict solutions.  

Participants interested in these mediation courses can learn more at

Discounts are available for current or former students. Full certification training and early bird discounts are available. Scholarships may be offered when space is available. 


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