Invents Releases "Splash Out Safety Sytem", Save Life When Submerged With SOSS

The Splash Out Safety System SOSS activates features enabling vehicle occupants to get out quickly and safely when in water.

According to the Internet just one foot (twelve inches) of flowing water is enough to move the average size family car. Two feet (twenty four inches) of flowing water will float a car and six inches of fast flowing water can knock a person off their feet. The Splash Out Safety System SOSS is a safety system to be installed in automobiles and activated should one drive into bodies of water, including lakes, rivers or flood zones. The design intent is to automatically activate safety features including sending an emergency alert via the vehicle's GPS system, disengaging the vehicle seat belts and opening the driver and passenger windows. As such the Splash Out Safety System SOPSS enables a motorist to safely and rapidly exit the vehicle which is driven into or swept into water.

The actions taken by the Splash Out Safety System SOSS not only allow the driver or passengers to remove themselves but it notifies emergency personnel and first responders, alerting them to the situation and providing them the exact location of the automobile and thus facilitate expeditious rescue. The system will be available in three variants: an aftermarket installation, a factory installed system, and a military version. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the SOSS.

The Patent Pending Splash Out Safety System SOSS was invented by Paul Pirraglia of Bronx, NY who said, “In today's world everyone is moving swiftly and sometimes that doesn't allow for forethought; such is the case when someone drives on a road with more water than he or she realized at the time. Of course this can also happen during heavy rainstorms and unexpected water movement. Not only is hydroplaning a possibility but in some cases vehicle submersion and potential drowning is the hazard. The actions of the SOSS will give a driver time to exit the vehicle and keep a tragedy at bay. It also will slow down the sinking process and prevent the vehicle from rolling over when submerged.”

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